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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) works hard to ensure every American is treated fairly. The CFPB employees work with financial institutions to ensure their practices and policies are fair and transparent. The CFPB mission is to serve you by providing assistance with problems and free resources that protect your money and help you make sound financial decisions.

Employees work in every state in the nation to protect consumers from financial fraud and abuse. The CFPB is a great success story and has protected average Americans from misleading and unfair financial practices. The CFPB employees perform an incredible service to the public, and through their work, helped return $12 billion to consumers.

But the agency is under fire. With the upcoming funding deadline on Dec. 22, there is serious threat to CFPB’s existence, putting the staff and all Americans at risk. Help support those who support us.

Here are some of the tools created by CFPB to help consumers better understand their financial options:

Paying for college

The basics of your bank account

Tools section for home buyers


CFPB's website offers extensive guides, resources and fact sheets. Click here to visit




NTEU asked CFPB employees how they feel about their important work:


"We really care about our mission - we care about making financial markets work for the average consumer. Consumers should be able to get a mortgage without being tricked and we are here to help."
-CFPB Employee


"I've never worked in an environment where people are so driven to help others. We are constantly trying to find ways to help people understand their rights when getting a loan, or dealing with debt collectors and we try to find ways to help them know they have rights when dealing with banks and financial institutions and we are here to see they are treated fairly."
-CFPB News Media Specialist

"We have performed groundbreaking work influencing America's financial well-being."
-CFPB Senior Legal Counsel


"CFPB strives to ensure all consumers are treated fairly by corporations, mainly providing educational tools to better inform the public about scams, fraud, how to shop for a mortgage, including a host of other publications which can be accessed via the CFPB website."
-CFPB Employee


"I'm most proud of creating a tool that ensures students attending for-profit colleges better understand the impact of student loans on their financial welll-being."
-CFPB Employee

"Our work touches almost every aspect of everyday financial products and services that people use and rely on every day."
-CFPB Examiner, Arizona