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Message from the NTEU National President

When you stop and think about the innumerable ways federal employees work to improve the quality of life in America, it is hard to comprehend why they have recently been the target of harmful attacks.

Among other damaging proposals, political pundits and some members of Congress have called for cuts to the federal workforce. These cuts not only impact federal employees, but they pose serious — and unacceptable — consequences for the American public.  Slashing agency funding or the number of federal workers would mean fewer food safety inspections, less secure borders, threats to the security of our savings and investments, and diminished services for veterans, the elderly and the disabled. 

President KelleyBut NTEU is fighting back. We are proud to represent the men and women who serve our country, and we are committed to changing the discourse about federal employees.

As part of these efforts, NTEU has launched a public service campaign to raise awareness of our federal workforce and the critical work they do. The campaign features a set of radio and television public service announcement (PSAs). The first is titled “Oath” and features a diverse group of NTEU members describing their work against the backdrop of the oath of office sworn to by every federal employee. The second is titled “Who Can We Turn To” and portrays the work of federal employees told through the eyes of Americans.

So, what exactly do federal employees do? The list of tasks they undertake each day, all on our behalf, is long and varied. They print our nation’s money; preserve our national parks, historic sites and other evidence of our history and heritage; they work hard in pursuit of a healthier America and a nation in which no one goes hungry; they work every day to find ways for us to become energy independent; they help ensure a viable agricultural industry; they strive to make certain that our air and water are clean and healthful; they make sure our airwaves are used in the public interest; they help protect our democracy by letting us know who contributes to candidates for federal office; they collect the taxes that make all of this possible—and they work to ensure that everyone pays his or her fair share.

And this is just the beginning. However, at a pivotal time when federal employees need the public’s support, many Americans know little about these important contributions. Or the work of federal employees is taken for granted as busy Americans carry on their busy lives.

In creating these public service announcements and promoting them to hundreds of television and radio stations nationwide, NTEU is hoping that they give Americans pause to consider who federal employees are. They defy old, unfair stereotypes in so many ways. They are scientists, accountants, doctors, lawyers, computer specialists, law enforcement officers and other highly-trained specialists. They are America’s federal workforce. And they all work for U.S.

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Colleen M. Kelley
NTEU National President

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